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The Social Service Professions Act (No. 110 of 1978) regulates professional practice and establishes the South African Council for Social Service Professionals (Council). This Act is outdated and needs to be replaced.

A Social Service Professions Bill was drafted in 2008, with the purpose to “advance social justice by promoting developmental social services”. It contained six chapters that define the categories of practitioners that are to be registered, and dealt with other matters such the requirements for registration, and disciplinary procedures.

After input by professional groups, the Bill was redrafted and the November 2008 version was renamed the “Social Service Professions and Occupations Bill”.

Before the draft Bill was sent to Cabinet for approval, the Department of Social Development announced in 2010 that the Bill was on hold until 2014 to allow for the development of a policy on the vision and intend of the legislation.

Social Service Professions and Occupations Bill Final Draft

Social Service Practitioners Bill (including comments from Council)

Social Service Professions Bill (Government Gazette, January 2008)

Social Service Professions Act (No. 110 of 1978)

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