Farah is an artist, writer, and illustrator specializing in words and images for children. She createsmagical mixes of multicultural children celebrating their diversity and whimsical animals and children celebrating life. “I enjoy doing art that speaks to children, the child in our hearts, art that celebrates women, diverse cultures and promotes protection of our planet!”

Farah Aria is a graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California in the United States
with a degree in Illustration. “I attended Art Center with a predetermined focus on the world of illustrating for children’s books. Art Center opened up a whole new world of techniques and materials and a freedom with using color! I also came to realize that my art geared for children speaks to the child in many of the adults that are my clients and collectors.”

“My favorite mediums and materials to use are gouache (an opaque version of watercolor), gesso, watercolour, acrylic, Indian ink, colored pencils and other mixed media on Strathmore paper or board. Each project is unique in what mediums best suit the mood of the work. I am flexible and have a few different types of media and style for the client to choose from. A popular style for multicultural and ethnic images is my style using rich jewel like colors along with a bold black line. In whimsical projects the lighter, more pastel palette is appreciated without the line.” Farah is equally comfortable in Photoshop creating artwork digitally with a Wacom tablet and pen. All art from sketches to final art can be transmitted electronically. “I am accustomed to doing work via the internet including entire children’s book projects. I have worked with clients in just about every US state as well as Canada and Korea. I look forward to “meeting” more fabulous people from around the world!”

Farah has created artwork for non-profit organizations large and small promoting equality for women, children, diversity education, celebration of mixed family adoption, special children’s health issues, as well as reading and education programs for children in countries of need.

You can find Farah in her studio, or by the shore, with paint on her fingers and sand on her toes – or here:

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