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Social Service Professions Bill and Policy

The process of developing the Social Service Professions and Occupations Bill was put on hold in 2010.

Cabinet has issued a political directive that all new Bills must be supported by a policy document that outlines the vision of the legislation, and its intended impact. This will allow Cabinet and Parliament to engage more effectively with the legislation, and ensures that the law responds to the government’s priorities. 

Therefore, the Department of Social Development’s strategic plan for 2010 noted that the Bill would not be tabled in the legislature before 2014. This will allow time for the department to develop and consult on a draft policy on the vision and in tension of the new law, where after the Bill will need to be redrafted.

SSPAN has mobilized member to make input to the department on the draft Social Service Professions Policy, and to develop a joint advocacy strategy in this regard.

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