Online attendance: International Symposium on Early Childhood Education

Addressing the challenges of delivering quality early childhood education and foundational learning

Join us for this international symposium when we will delve into the complexities of providing quality education to our youngest learners and ensuring everyone can obtain the building blocks of learing. From discussing innovative teaching methods to exploring policy implications, this event is a must-attend for educators, policymakers, and anyone invested in early childhood education.

Our panel of speakers include:

  • Stephen Twigg, Chair, Council for Education in the Commonwealth (Chair)
  • Dr Lynette Okengo, Executive Director of the Africa Early Childhood Network
  • Professor Lynn Ang, Professor of Early Childhood Education, UCL Institute of Education
  • Dr Colwyn Martin, Head of Division: Foundation Studies – University of the Witwatersrand
  • Professor Hasina Ebrahim, University of South Africa and UNESCO Co-chair for ECD
  • Professor Mary G. Clasquin-Johnson, University of South Africa (Unisa).
To Register to attend the in person event taking place in the Palance of Westminster please click the button below.