Resources for birth to four programme development

Below is various PIECCE resources that can be viewed and downloaded.


1: Dip ECCE Being and Becoming – Teacher Educator Support Material.

2: Dip ECCE Constructions of Childhood- teacher Educator Support material.

3: ECCE Relationship building for health safety nutrition.

4: ECCE Language Diversity and Multi-culturalism -Teacher Educator support material.

The following PIECCE LTSMs documents are apart of the ECCE Language Diversity and Multi-culturalism.

1: Language Diversity Appendix- Learners and Learning Reading.

2: Language Diversity Appendix- A short summary of Theories of Language birth to four

3: Language Diversity Appendix- Piaget extract

4: Language Diversity Appendix- Learners and Learning Reading

PLMC ITE resources

1: Assessment Level 4 to 7

2: Level 4 Facilitator Guide

3: Level 4 Student Guide

4: Level 5 Facilitator Guide

5: Level 5 Student Guide

6: Level 6 Facilitator Guide

7: Level 6 Student Guide

8: Level 7 Facilitators Guide

9: Level 7 Student Guide

10: Play Framework birth to nine

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